Just a few short days

Just a few short days till everyone is here having a blast, if you read this, and I don’t suspect many do then here is a list of things not to forget.

1) It is a self paint check list this year, print it, fill it out, turn it in.  It’s that simple.
2) You can bring whatever Beverages you want into the event hall, so feel free to do so!
3) I have purchased 3 kegs for the hall this year, price is once again $20 drink till it’s gone.
4) You need 5 copies of your FULL LIST to give each opponent at the end of the game.
5) Your Army Mascot, it is used in scenarios and you can’t do without it.

Don’t forget about the Round 1 Match-up cast happening Wednesday night at 7:30, search Rockwarsgt on youtube to find the channel!


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KoW wins at Bayou

Had a fantastic time at Bayou Battles in Houston last weekend.  Played 5 awesome games and it was fitting for the last 8th edition tournament I will get to play in.  I expected there to be a bit more “concern” about the death of 8th but I found that most people I talked to were excited about the options going forward.

If you haven’t heard Kings of War (KoW) has been the front runner as the rank-n-flank game to switch to since AoS completely abandons many of the reasons we loved Fantasy.  After the poll we took at Bayou KoW leads the pack by far with over 80% of the players at Bayou saying they would come next year to play KoW.  If you haven’t played yet definitely do, and you will have the opportunity to play a demo at Rock Wars and I know loads of pick up games will be being played.

I’m currently updating the website with a few things, most notably I’m relaxing the painting requirement for summoned units (except by Lore of Undeath).  I see no reason to make you all paint most stuff you will be completely changing for KoW.

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8th ed and taking a poll

Ok its official we will be 100% using 8th ed rules.  AoS is a completely different game and it wouldn’t be fair to hold a tournament for a different game system.

Lists are due Aug 23rd by end of the day, so get them in!

Refunds will be available thru the end of July for anyone who needs one.  After that I have to pay for some things and won’t have any $$ left to give back.  I know I posted some different dates earlier but trying to get some sweet swag for you guys sooooo.

Also there will be tons of Demo’s over the weekend, Kings of War, Warmachine, X-wing, etc… If there is a game you want to see demo’d let me know and I’ll do what I can to make sure it happens.

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End of June Update

If you guys haven’t been swept away by the storms there are a few updates around the website.

Visit the Scoring page for updates on the Paint Rubric and the Gentlemanly Gamer category.  Also the Who’s Coming page should be updated and current, if you see anyone without information on there it is because I don’t have it for them, let them know.

Also, please know that I am going to be reviewing lists a bit more this year.  I am fully aware that there are several ways to “break” the comp, and will be policing those as I see fit.  If you bring something that I simply think won’t allow others to have enjoyable games against you then I’ll reject it.  Please police yourselves and don’t make me send a list back to you, definitely not after the deadline.

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LoUD and Neferata

Just a quick update, we have added LoUD info to the rules page.  Didn’t change any rules just made some clarifications and some things that players will be expected to do if playing with LoUD.  Also, per a players request, Neferata Mortarch of Blood will be allowed.  I personally can’t wait to see that model on the table.

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You will find the Scoring page updated slightly.  I plan to have the Gentlemanly Gamer, and Appearance check lists up by the end of the month.  Also working on rules for Lore of Undeath and will have that up, hopefully, by end of week.

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A full 80!

Well we have done it again, filled up well before September, and we can’t wait to see everyone again.  We are working on tons of stuff at the moment, just making sure we provide an amazing weekend for all of you.  Will be sending out an email tomorrow asking some questions and providing some more details into the weekend, please provide feedback as we can’t read mind (yet.)  Out side of the that we are just waiting for 9th to drop and showing our newest local gamer why Chaos Dwarfs suck and why the Kdaii isn’t a threat to any decent player with a dragonbane mounted character.

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Giants for Everyone!

Bonus units should be updated, and I don’t see myself changing it short of someone pointing out a glaring mistake.  You will also notice anyone may take a GIANT as a bonus unit in their rare slot, the giant rules are available under the bonus units section.

Army Mascots have been updated a bit, you should have all the info you need to start on yours, more rules and how I plan to use the mascot will be released in the scenario primer (will have out by end of May at the latest).

Lastly, I’m working on some house rules for Lore of Undeath (LoUd).  In its current form it can be a bit broken/unfun and honestly it can just screw up scenarios.  We are playing some games with it and will release our FAQ for it along with the scenario primer.

Think that is it for now!

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Easter Update

Just a few quick things on this rainy Easter afternoon:

1) Comp isn’t quite finished, will have up by Saturday 4/11, sorry for the delay.
2) 9th edition rumors are starting to trickle out, don’t let it get you down I promise Rock Wars will be awesome and most definitely won’t be round bases.
3) I will have the Army Mascot rules 100% solidified by the end of the month, so be ready to get working on those bad boys (or girls)
4) I’m in the process of selecting Kegs for the event hall (looking like 3 15.1 gal and 3 5gal, if you have any requests email them to me.)
5) If you know anyone who hasn’t signed up you should tell them to get on it.  I have a list of 15+ that are just waiting to finalize details before they pay, most are from out of state.  As it stands we are at 52 and only have room for 24 more (4 spots for my club mates).

Well that is all of this Sunday’s installment, keep painting, keep gaming, and keep tuning back in for more info.

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Registration Updated

Registration pages has been updated, still play testing and thinking about a few items.  Comp will be complete and updated by April 5th (was the 1st but want to make sure I have it right)

If you haven’t registered get on it!

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