4 more for more tables

Just a heads up to anyone who reads this.  We now have 4 paid  spots on the Wait List, which is awesome.  I’m going to head to the venue this week to see if I can accommodate a few more tables because the last thing I want is to keep anyone from coming and having a great weekend at Rock Wars.  However I am not willing to sacrifice an enjoyable environment for the current players in order to squeeze more people into the room.  After checking out the room I may take our maximum up to 100, but that’s it, not going any bigger.

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Its almost July!

Had  rush of registrations this weekend and we now have just 2 spots left!  I will be checking on my terrain this weekend, and if possible I’ll open up more spots as long as we have room for them and can do it at a level of quality I’m pleased with.

I just received  a huge box of swag from Mantic Games that I can’t wait to sort through and get placed in the Swag Bags!  There will also be something from Hollow Tree Studios in there that I think everyone will find super sweet.

Please get your rooms reserved ASAP!

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Registered and Paid

The Who’s Coming page is current with all registered and paid as of 10pm 6/1.  If you notice something is amiss please email me and let me know ASAP.  Also if you know anyone who hasn’t paid and is in your club, get them on the ball.

Can’t wait to see all of you in September, and some of you sooner than that!

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Website is updated with all the registered and Paid I have as of today.  Please check to see if any of your gaming group hasn’t paid and lets get it done so I can get things paid for.

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Deadlines and Sponsors

Please don’t forget to pay by June 1st, I’ve had quite a few registrations in the last 2 days which is why you will notice the number of players has been taken over 100.  As a TO I’m 100% certain that not everyone will pay by the deadline and on June 1st I’ll simply create the waiting list out of anyone not paid, then it is first come first serve.  Don’t be left out, this year is shaping up to be awesome.

Also we have had another sponsor jump on this week, Mierce Miniatures.  If you aren’t familiar with their models check them out for sure, you will also be seeing their banner up on the website shortly.

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Website is now current with all registrations and payments.

Check under the Venue tab for the link to the room blocks, or if you want just click HERE

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Scenario Primer

Scenario Primer is up on the Battle section of Scoring.  Just scroll down to the scenario section towards the bottom.

80 players registered and 10 spots left!

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Painting and Scenarios

Painting Rubric has been updated to the final version.  Very little change but I’m please with the control it gives players and the paint judges.  I wanted to have a check list that allowed players to control a significant portion of the painting points they can get, but at the same time allowed judged to award points for items that are hard to assign a point value to.

Scenarios are coming along nicely I expect to have 3 of the scenarios posted shortly, most likely they will be the 3 you will play day 1 with day 2 kept secret until the tournament.

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Closed Lists

Check the lists page for information about how we will be playing closed list.  Also the Who’s Coming page is current, if you have registered or paid and it isn’t there please let me know.

Some great sponsors on board for this year, and some I’m currently working on that will be fantastic.

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A few more people

Just wanted to let everyone know I will be adding 18 spots to the registration page taking us up to 90.  After LoneWolf I had quite a few registrations and want to accommodate as many people as possible.  So if you have been waiting to register get on it because 90 is the max for this year.

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