Scenario Primer

Scenario Primer is up on the Battle section of Scoring.  Just scroll down to the scenario section towards the bottom.

80 players registered and 10 spots left!

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Painting and Scenarios

Painting Rubric has been updated to the final version.  Very little change but I’m please with the control it gives players and the paint judges.  I wanted to have a check list that allowed players to control a significant portion of the painting points they can get, but at the same time allowed judged to award points for items that are hard to assign a point value to.

Scenarios are coming along nicely I expect to have 3 of the scenarios posted shortly, most likely they will be the 3 you will play day 1 with day 2 kept secret until the tournament.

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Closed Lists

Check the lists page for information about how we will be playing closed list.  Also the Who’s Coming page is current, if you have registered or paid and it isn’t there please let me know.

Some great sponsors on board for this year, and some I’m currently working on that will be fantastic.

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A few more people

Just wanted to let everyone know I will be adding 18 spots to the registration page taking us up to 90.  After LoneWolf I had quite a few registrations and want to accommodate as many people as possible.  So if you have been waiting to register get on it because 90 is the max for this year.

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1 spot to full!

Registration was open less than 1 month and we have 1 spot left until we start the paid waiting list.  I expect to have 15-20 more people after LoneWolf.  Also if you want to attend but don’t think you will get in please sign up as typically we will have 10+ people, who are currently registered, drop before September.  Also don’t forget as of June 1′st all unpaid registered people will be dropped and replaced with the paid waiting list first.  In addition, if we have around 80-84 people who are paid I will do my best to get more terrain made and accommodate the extra players.

Can’t wait guys, some big surprises for everyone and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in September and at tournaments in between!

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Heating Up

Even though we have just come through another bout with the polar vortex things are heating up with Rock Wars!  Up to 46 registered players, which is amazing and already more than we had play in 2012.  Check out the Scoring and Appearance pages for a list of the awards we will be giving out and the updated appearance check list.

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Alright I now have the Battle, Gentlemanly Gamer, and Who’s Coming sections updated.

You can now click and download the list of Bonus Units insead of being linked to mersey’s comp pack, should be a bit more usable and less confusing for you folks.

Block of rooms should be up shortly, $86 per night for double beds at a super nice Hilton Garden Inn, can’t beat that!  Or if you want go Junior Suite for $109 I know I am.

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50% full holy Crap!

Sweet BaJeebuz registration hasn’t even been open for 72hrs and already at 31players!  Can’t wait to see everyone, and I fully expect it to sell out by LoneWolf (end of march) if not shortly thereafter so if you know anyone who wants in tell them to shoot me an email soon!

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Dates are set and Venue is confirmed!

I’m please to announce that Rock Wars will be happening on Sept 12-14, 2014 at the Hilton Garden Inn North Little Rock.  This hotel is just over 3 years old and has an amazing venue, along with fantastic amenities.  We are just 5 minutes from the River Market, and within walking distance to multiple restaurants.  This is the exact place I had been looking for to take Rock Wars to the next level and it couldn’t be better.

I will be updating the site over the next couple days and will post up when I have updated certain sections.  The registration section is open now so feel free to jump on over and get signed up!

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New Year and US Masters

Getting stoked for a new year of Warhammer tournaments, especially with Shiloh selling out and BitS just opened up registration and having <30 spots left, not to mention LoneWolfGT is happening again.  Then with all the great tournaments happening the US Warhammer community has gotten together and are putting together a US Masters touranment, for more information.  Keep an eye out for exactly how the Southern Region will be selecting its 10 representatives for 2015, we will have it posted before Shiloh and will definitely be talking about it more there.

As for RockWars I am deciding between Sweedish and SCGT comp but heavily leaning towards Swedish just because I’d love to play under that system at least once, I’ll probably have to just settle for what filth you guys come up with.

Cheers, and I’ll see some of you at Shiloh!

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