Registration Updated

Registration pages has been updated, still play testing and thinking about a few items.  Comp will be complete and updated by April 5th (was the 1st but want to make sure I have it right)

If you haven’t registered get on it!

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Updated the Website quite a bit over the weekend, check it out.  Registration starts at 00:00.01 next Monday 3/23/15 so get your paypal ready.

Bonus units are updated to v1.2 will be solidified by 4/1, may see some minor changes here and the inclusion of Giants for everyone… Giants of Albion?

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Just a few Winter Weather Updates

In the midst of yet another Ice Storm I’ve managed to update the website quite a bit, feel free to browse around and check it out.

We have the new Venue locked down, its going to be awesome!  This year there will be ZERO keg shennanigans as we get to bring in our own kegs, hopefully from our new Beer Sponsor!  It also means you guys can bring in any alcohol you want and don’t have to hide it.  But remember, as always, we will have kegs on hand and it will be super cheap once again!

Open Registration begins Monday March 23, 2015.  Registrations are only being taken with full payment, and I fully expect we will fill up within the first 7 days.


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New Year New Venue

2015 started off with a bang in the Frozen North at Waaaghpaca!  Such a blast, and well worth the trip up.

I am currently working on a new venue for Rock Wars 15′, will be closer to downtown and have over 1000sf more space.  I’ll know more by the end of the week, and will update asap.

I’m also working on the player pack for next year, and it will be very similar to last year.  2200pts, Bonus Units, and all kinds of fun new tables.

Get Pumped, Registration will open in March!

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Counting down the days

Here we are barely 2 weeks away from Rock Wars 2014 and I’m getting pumped!

Gentlemanly Gamer page has been updated, after some suggestions by Jake Murphy I think you’ll find the scoring worded better for the end of round scores.  The Who’s Coming page is correct, just waiting on lists from 2 people one who is from New Zealand and one who is just being a slacker.

Don’t forget I will be doing initial pairings on either Wed or Thursday night depending on how my work goes but right now it may be Thursday with Mr. Mark Cox, Mr. Ryan Nicol and Dan “its always nap time” Lindley.

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Lists are in and the results are posted

So I got pretty lucky at work today and ended up with loads of free time, which I used to check and approve almost all of the lists.  A huge thanks to everyone who sent their lists in early, and to the bros who kept me from having to email them multiple times to get things correct.

You can check on the Who’s Coming page to find out how many bonus points I have you down for, and also if I received your list.  If you happen to see that someone you game with doesn’t have their list in please get on them, as of now they have lost points for not having it in.  Also I have been super generous with people having lists in a bit late, as well as not putting on lores of magic, and changing lists but going forward that changes.  Any change in army lists will result in lost points.  Sorry guys but I have to do it to stay sane.

Just over three weeks till you all are here, rocking it out in Little Rock and I can’t wait to see you all.

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Had some great feedback on the scenarios, pack has been updated and they should be quite a bit more clear now.

Also the Whose Coming page should be up to date with all current lists, don’t forget they are due Sunday night.

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5 Weeks

We are getting quite close to things being upon us.  As it stands we have right at 5 weeks before you all will be descending upon Little Rock, and 8 days until lists are due.  With Bayou being this weekend I understand that is quite a bit going on for some of you, but suck it up and lets get this done.

Website is current with all the lists I have, and who is approved etc… I am in the process of getting the scenario pack updated with the most current, aka revised, edition of Scenarios.  I appreciate all the great feed back it helps to know what is unclear before the day of.

Get your lists in, and don’t forget to bring 5 copies of your list to hand out day of.

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Getting lists and people dropping

Getting quite a few lists in, and more every day.  Earlier is better for me as it really helps me to check them as they come in instead of all at once.  I’ll really love you forever.

Had a few drops so we are at 89 players right now, if you know of anyone who wants that spot tell them to register and come have a freaking awesome weekend.

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4 more for more tables

Just a heads up to anyone who reads this.  We now have 4 paid  spots on the Wait List, which is awesome.  I’m going to head to the venue this week to see if I can accommodate a few more tables because the last thing I want is to keep anyone from coming and having a great weekend at Rock Wars.  However I am not willing to sacrifice an enjoyable environment for the current players in order to squeeze more people into the room.  After checking out the room I may take our maximum up to 100, but that’s it, not going any bigger.

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